What to Do If Your Dallas House Listing Has Ended and It Didn’t Sell

If your home didn’t sell and your listing has expired, there are a number of possibilities that you can undertake to sell your home. You could try a price reduction, but what if that won’t pay all of your bills? Realtors may have advice, but they may also have had advice at the beginning of the process before you ended up where you are today. Here’s a quick look at some tips on what you can do to sell your home.

Check Your Motivation

Why are you trying to sell your home in the first place? Maybe you’ve got equity in your home but empty pockets. You took a job across the country or need to move closer to ailing family members. You’ve got too much or too little house at this point in your lifecycle. The neighborhood is going downhill. If you don’t have an urgent need to relocate, consider whether you should sell at all.

Review the Agent’s Marketing Plan

Take a little time to go over your agent’s marketing plan with them to see whether the ball was dropped either by you or by the agent. See what worked and what didn’t and create a revised plan if you decide to relist your home in the future to avoid wasting money on failed advertising.

Consider Curb Appeal

Take a few minutes to look at similar homes that are on the market to see if your home is in similar condition. Do you need to make some repairs? Maybe make a few upgrades to boost its curb appeal. Have you considered staging? These options all help sell your home.

Look Again at Buyer Objections

When your home first went on the market, your real estate agent should have started gathering buyer feedback. This information is a gold mine of possibilities for updating your home for the next listing. Comments that come up time and again should be addressed before relisting.

Don’t Rely on Sudden Activity

Realtors are not allowed to solicit a homeowner with an active MLS listing, so once your listing expires, you’ll have a lot of agents contacting you. If you’re considering relisting, interview the realtors to see how they’ll handle your listing differently.

Ask Your Agent About Why it Expired

If your home hasn’t sold, ask the agent why. If they’ve done everything right, see if they’ll do another market comparison report to determine whether a price reduction will make a difference and follow the agent’s recommendations if you’re going to relist with them.

Get a Cash Offer

Though they are more difficult to find, some companies offer an instant cash offer service. D&R is one of these, and we’d be happy to work with you to get you past the stress of selling and on with the rest of your life. Contact us today to get started at 214-494-6222.

Image Credit – Olivier Le Queinec/Shutterstock.com