The last few years have seen a vast number of families and young professionals looking to settle in Texas. If you want to sell your home in North Texas, the current climate is certainly looking favorable to sellers. However, simply putting your house up for sale won’t guarantee a buyer – especially if you want a high price.

Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks for selling your home based on real-world experience of the property markets in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, The Colony and beyond. Also, consider sharing our infographic on social media to help other homeowners.

Tip for Selling Your House in North Texas

Identify the Right Realtor

Working with a local realtor who provides expertise and guidance makes all the difference in selling your home. From setting the right price to finding qualified buyers, a realtor can help avoid the common mistakes sellers often make.

Budget for Unexpected Costs

For many, the costs of selling a North Texas home can come as a surprise. Preparing the house for sale, closing fees, incentives for buyers and moving expenses will invariably add additional costs to the sale. Factoring in these additional costs ensures that you are well-prepared to make an offer for a new property.

Stage the Home to Sell

Staging your home works best when you take the emotion out of the process. While you will have invested time and money to make your property feel personal and unique, buyers typically want to see a clean, bright, clutter-free and attractive home.

For the best home staging tips, take a look at our infographic – and don’t forget to post it to your blog or social media to help other sellers.

Price Your Home Correctly

The price you set will determine how many visits and offers you receive. A low price will encourage interest, but you could cost yourself a substantial amount. Aim too high, and buyers might stay away. Your realtor can help determine the right price based on local knowledge, recent sales and the condition of the home.

Be Prepared to Negotiate

Offers and negotiations are likely to be unpredictable. You may get lucky and find a buyer eager to secure your home. However, your realtor might need to negotiate various offers that don’t meet your expectations. A negotiation could include clauses like repair requests and right of first refusal – and you can always turn down offers if you’re not happy. Avoid getting frustrated during the home selling process as it is a necessary part of a sale.

North Texas home selling infographic

The North Texas Home Selling Process Made Easy

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