Preparing Plano homes for a sale.

Selling your home often involves making choices that will extend the appeal to the largest number of buyers. After living in a house for so long, it can be hard to take an unbiased view of the property. While charming features and design choices might appeal to the owner who made them, new buyers may have reservations.

Prepping Your Plano Home to Sell

At D&R Home Solutions, we understand how to get homes in Plano ready to sell. Review these tips below, and call us when you are ready to get your home listed for sale.

It’s Time to Clean and Declutter

Homes naturally acquire lots of possessions over the years. While these items may hold personal value, they can be distracting to potential buyers. Moving is the perfect time to declutter your space, removing anything that you don’t intend to keep.

Clean the house thoroughly and give loose items a home, or pack them away and get them into storage. Crowded closets and cabinets send a signal that there isn’t enough space in the home, so keep this in mind when deciding what stays and what goes.

Along with presenting your property in the best possible light, when it comes time to move into your new home – which we can also help you find – you’ll also be making it easier on yourself.

Consider Repairs Needing to Be Made

Most homes have repairs that have not yet been completed. These repairs are often minor, but they may concern someone thinking about buying a new home. When it comes to repairs, the priority should be on those cosmetic issues that stand out.

A stain on the wall, for example, might not be a problem. However, a potential buyer may think there has been a water leak or mold. To-do tasks like a fresh coat of paint, fixing a leaky faucet, and replacing damaged floor tiles could make a big difference.

Think About Lighting

Lighting can completely alter the feel of a home. Having lots of natural light is desirable for a home, and instantly createsan impression. If you don’t get much natural light, consider adding some additional lighting fixtures, using brighter bulbs, and perhaps applying a lighter shade of paint to darker areas of the home.

First Impressions Count

Curb appeal can make or break a sale. Many homes in North Texas catch the eye when you drive past. An immaculate lawn and an inviting front porch instantly create a positive impression. Consider cleaning the windows and the gutters, and make sure the landscaping is pristine. Relatively minor things like these can start the home viewing off on the right foot.

Focus on Neutral

You can usually reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your home by keeping things simple and neutral. A unique or unusual home might be in line with your character, but you will often limit your pool of buyers.

Buyers usually want to imagine themselves in the home, with their own particular design choices and possessions. If the property feels very personalized already, some buyers may struggle to look past that and imagine it as their future home.

Are You Looking to Sell Your Plano Home?

When you are ready to sell your home, D&R Home Solutions can help. Whether you live in Plano or a surrounding community, we know how to get your home ready to sell and locate eager buyers. Request a home evaluation online or call us at 214-494-6222 to get started.

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