Want to Sell Your Home in Need of Repair?

It’s common for homeowners to overlook some of the wear and tear their home has endured over the years. However, when you decide to sell, a prospective buyer isn’t quite as likely to forego the obvious.

If your house is in need of expensive repairs, putting it on the market may prove to be intimidating. You may want to fix the property before selling it, but there is only so much money and time you can spend on it. Here, it is important to remember that the task of selling your home at a decent price is not entirely impossible. 

Here are a few ways with which you can circumvent costly home repairs and sell a DFW home quickly even if it needs repairs!

What Should You Do if Your Home Is a Money Pit?

  • Assess the Cost of Fixing the Issues

Since you have to attract more buyers, there is no way you can avoid making repairs and upgrades in your house altogether. You can either go for a complete overhaul or settle for only vital repairs.

Regardless of what you do, don’t forget to do the inspection first. Take a walk through your house to assess the extent of the problems. Find out the issues that need fixing as well as the estimated cost of doing so.

  • Target the High Priority Repairs First

Remember, the way you present your house to potential buyers gives you a re-negotiation leverage in the market. Hence, it is important to assess and handle the important repairs that can prevent you from selling the property through a realtor.

This may include fixing mold problems, installing a new roof, repairing the foundation, or even repiping and electrical work. Make sure to take care of the obvious problems like fading exterior or dripping faucets so that it doesn’t come in the way of your property sale.

  • Ascertain How Long Will the Repairs Take

If there are big repairs involved in the deal and you expect to get a good price for your asset, you better gear up to at least do the vital upgrades before buyers make a visit. Keep the timeframe in mind, as to how long it will take to finish the needed repairs — both the high priority and low priority ones. Put your property on the market only after you are satisfied with the results. If you try, you may find some relatively economical ways to take care of the ‘little things’ that can help sell the house fast!

What Are the Benefits of Selling Quickly for Cash?

There is another effective option that can help you sell your home without undertaking any repair jobs. And that is by selling the house ‘as is’. You can tell the buyer about all the faults your property has, just like an inspector will do, and provide them with the option to put forward a price.

The downside of this is that it will lower the price of your asset and make it harder to gain total equity. If you wish to avoid incurring losses in your property sale, you can choose a company like D&R Home Solutions, Inc. that buys homes in any condition.

Make the most of your ‘as is’ property sale by going to an expert and reliable source. At D&R Home Solutions, Inc., we purchase all types of ‘as is’ homes — apartment complexes, independent houses, multi-family houses — at fair prices. Whether you want to sell an outdated house or a house that requires massive repairs, we have got your back. For us, your home conditions don’t matter, but your happiness does!

Want to sell your house fast without making any repairs? Our team at D&R Home Solutions, Inc. can help you! Call us at [phone]. We are always ready to help you!

Image Credit – Anne Kitzman/Shutterstock.com