How to Sell a Home in Bad Condition in Allen, TX

Selling an old home in Allen, TX, is already a challenge. But, if your home requires extensive repairs and renovations, the cost can be intimidating. You might not have the funds available for fancy upgrades. There’s another option, though. You can sell your old home, even in its current condition, without paying out of pocket. There are real estate investors in Allen, TX, who want to buy your property. Even in its bad condition, your home is worth money.

When it comes to selling a fixer-upper, your job as the seller is not to make everything look perfect. You just need to sell the features of the home, the floor plan, and its potential. The buyer will come in, change what they want, and call it home.

Quick Home Selling Tips

First, let us throw out a few quick tips for selling a home in bad condition in Allen, TX. You don’t just want to dive straight in.

  • Take some time to learn about the housing market in Allen, TX. Learn about the buyer pool – who is going to be buying your old property?
  • Schedule a weekend to clean up the front yard to boost your curb appeal, then remove any clutter around the home’s exterior.
  • You can make small updates to the house’s interior and exterior by fixing broken doors, caulking the bathtub, and even painting the main entry.
  • When selling, you want to highlight the incredible features your home has, such as bay windows or a large backyard.
  • Finally, set your price just right. This is where market research comes into play.

Disclosing Your “As Is” Home

When you sell your home “as is,” in its current condition, you are still obligated to disclose known defects when someone makes an offer. In fact, you are legally required to disclose problems. But, you must only disclose what you know. Let’s say you inherited the property from a grandparent; you may not know all of the quirks or defects about the house.

Also, it’s important to note that you do not need to disclose every little minor piece of damage. If there is a crack in the wall, the buyer will find it for themselves. But, you should disclose sinkholes, flooding, mold infestations, or lead paint.

The good thing about selling “as is,” however, is that you’re not required to make any repairs or renovations. The buyer will perform their own inspection, and if they choose to move forward, they are solely responsible for repairs on their own dime.

When the time comes to sell your old home in Allen, TX, call D&R Home Solutions for an offer at 214-494-6222. We work with homeowners every day, so you can move on from your old property and achieve your goals with the money we offer you.

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