Selling Your Dallas Home

Lawyers, mounds of paperwork, concerns about the other party backing out, finding new locations for your daily activities, securing financing — there are so many aspects of selling a home that can cause the whole process to turn you into a stressful mess. Recent studies have shown that selling a home is considered more stressful by many people than bankruptcy, divorce or even the death of a loved one!

You need to worry about securing a buyer, working with a qualified real estate agent and home buying for your next place. How do you deal with all of this stress and still come out sane on the other end? Here are some tips to help you avoid the stress of home buying and selling.

  • Commit. If selling your home is just something that’s supposed to be happening in the background while you go about your everyday life, you’re going to stress out when you have showings at the last minute, meetings that have to happen and paperwork that needs to be tracked down. Commit to the process and set aside time and energy to deal with these issues.
  • Get a Reference. If you don’t know which real estate agent to work with, get a reference from a friend or family member for an agent who is easy to get into contact with. One of the highest stressors of trying to sell a home is having an agent who doesn’t keep you updated on what’s happening or is difficult to contact when you need information.
  • Work on Home Buying. Though selling your home is a stressful process, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream a little and start the inroads on the home buying process. Take a look at homes where you want to live that have everything you need, plus a few things you want. Look at getting your credit in shape. Consider schools, work and where you’ll run errands, then limit it to a few prospects while waiting on your sale.
  • Research what to expect. If you haven’t sold a home before, ask your real estate agent what the turnaround time may look like, bearing in mind that it may not apply to your home. Find out what’s involved in the process so that you’ve got everything ready to go when you receive an offer. Getting prepared gives you busy work to stay occupied with while making the overall process easier.

Selling your home and buying a new one is an extremely stressful time, but you don’t need to stress out during the process! These easy tips will help keep you sane when everything else is going crazy. When you work with an experienced real estate firm like D&R, you can relieve your real estate stress fast. We can deliver results while you get on with your life. Please feel free to reach out today to get started at 214-494-6222.

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