Sell a Plano home

Looking for help selling your house in North Texas? The realtors at D&R Home Solutions have plenty of experience in the local property market and can help you secure a great price in a short amount of time. When you need to sell your home in Plano, follow these steps for a hassle-free experience.

7 Steps for Selling Your Plano Home

1. Find a Realtor

A real estate agent has connections within the local Plano market and can secure a quick sale of your property. Established realtors also simplify showings, contracts, negotiations and closing, taking the stress out of the process.

2. Declutter and Repair Damage

Most homes amass personal possessions that distract potential buyers from the quality of the house. Try to declutter your home and make it as bright and spacious as possible. Also, repair any minor damage that can create a bad impression.

3. Stage Your Home

Getting your Plano home ready to sell is an important step in securing a sale. Most homes benefit from neutral colors that appeal to the most diverse group of people. You also want to add curb appeal by trimming hedges, repairing damaged fencing, plus other aesthetic improvements.

4. Set a Price

Pricing is a difficult process, but your realtor will help determine the value. Realtors can use their vast experience and local knowledge with their database of property sales to determine the typical prices of similar homes in Plano.

5. List the Home

Your listing is another area where a realtor will add value. A listing should highlight the most enticing aspects of the home and include exceptional images – this will encourage a viewer to want to see the property for themselves.

6. Be Available for Showings

To gain the most interest, make your home accessible as much as possible. You may need to open your home for a last-minute showing, or have an open house if you want to maximize the number of bidders. Work with your realtor to create a showing schedule that is realistic and that also accommodates buyers.

7. Negotiate and Close the Sale

Finally, it is time to negotiate with a buyer and close the sale. Your real estate agent can negotiate on your behalf and run all offers by you. After accepting an offer, paperwork can be filed, the home undergoes an inspection and any legal obligations can be met.

Local Knowledge Is Important for Selling a Plano Home

Selling or buying a home in Plano is far easier when you have relevant local knowledge. Each area has its own character that distinguishes it from other cities, with factors like employment, schools and accessibility impacting buyer interest – and the eventual cost. A realtor with experience in Plano will streamline the process and make life easier for local buyers and sellers alike.

Do You Need Help Selling Your Plano Home?

D&R Home Solutions works with homeowners in Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Dallas and across North Texas to sell their homes without delay. Request a home evaluation online or call us at (214) 494-6222 today.

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