Sell a Carrollton home.

Selling My Home in Carrollton – Where Do I Begin?

Are you thinking about selling a home in Carrollton? If you’re new to property sales, the process can feel overwhelming. Without an experienced guide to help you, there are many hazards you could encounter. Fortunately, the realtors at D&R Home Solutions know the Carrollton property market well, and are here to help find the right buyer.

Simple Steps for Selling a Carrollton Home

Select a Realtor

The earlier you can find the right realtor, the easier it will be to successfully sell your home. An effective real estate agent will be patient, clear, focused and very knowledgeable about the Carrollton area. With a realtor in place, you can avoid many common mistakes in the home selling process.

Determine the Property Value

Your realtor will determine the value of your home by researching similar properties in the area. In addition, the condition of the house and the current demand will play key roles in deciding an appropriate sale price.

Complete Any Repairs

Completing renovations is one of the standard costs of selling a home. Unless your home is in exceptional condition, there will usually be some alterations that will make a difference. If there are similar properties available to buyers, the condition of the home could make the difference.

List the Home

Property owners can leave most of the marketing and listing process to their real estate agent. Realtors will have a proven process to ensure they reach targeted buyers – one that presents the property in a way that will encourage offers.

Arrange Showings

Showings can be trickier than they appear. Trying to accommodate many buyers, working around their schedules, won’t always be easy. However, if you try to be as flexible as possible and work closely with your realtor, you can ensure the maximum number of buyers will get to see your home.

Take Offers

The appeal of Carrollton as a community can often lead to a number of offers for a property. However, the subsequent negotiation phase can vary in difficulty, with the potential for multiple counteroffers and an extended negotiation period. Your realtor will keep you informed and work towards an acceptable offer from a qualified buyer.

Complete Seller Disclosures

The disclosure details your knowledge relating to the condition of the property. Before the contract can be signed, all disclosures must be completed and signed by both parties. Work with your realtor to promptly complete disclosure and move on to the closing stage.

Close the Sale

The home selling process comes to an end with closing. The process involves dealing with title insurance, escrow – and negotiating any final repairs. Your realtor can guide you through the paperwork and ensure the process runs smoothly.

We Can Help Sell Your Carrollton Home

When you need help selling your Carrollton property, D&R Home Solutions has the local knowledge and expertise to assist you. Our realtors can find motivated buyers eager to purchase your home. Call (214) 494-6222 or request a home evaluation online.

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