Here's what not to say when selling your DFW home.

If you have made the decision to sell your home, you’ve probably already taken the steps necessary to entice potential buyers. These steps include deep cleaning the house, removing the clutter, and making the home as empty as possible. The process of selling a home in Plano, TX, doesn’t stop at prepping the house. When potential buyers are touring the house, it’s common for them to ask you a variety of questions, including, “Why are you selling your house?” These questions can be somewhat tricky to avoid. However, when it comes to selling a house, there are some things you need to keep to yourself in order to avoid frustration and melodrama. Here are examples of the top 5 things to never say when selling your house.

“Our Energy Bills Are Too High”

There are many potential homebuyers that overlook the energy bills when they are house hunting. They are more interested in a home that will be comfortable for their family instead of a house that will save them money on their utility bills. Be very sure not to mention high energy bills to potential buyers.

“We’re Downsizing”

Downsizing is the ideal solution for retirees and empty nesters. However, you don’t want potential home buyers to think that the house will be too large for their families or too difficult to maintain. The last thing most buyers want to hear is that the house they are considering of buying is a money pit.

“We’re Trading Up”

The statement can be taken in a wide range of negative ways and must be avoided. The potential buyer might think that you are moving because the neighbourhood is bad or your family needs a larger house. If the buyer has the thought that the house is not big enough for his family as well, they might change their mind.

“I Got a Job Transfer”

Getting a job transfer may tell a potential buyer that the job economy in the area is bad. This statement may also lead buyers to think that you’re in a hurry to sell and will be willing to take an offer that is significantly lower than the house’s worth.

“We’ve Already Spent Too Much Money”

Buyers do not want to hear that you’ve already spent too much money on the house. This will give them the impression that they will also be continually putting money into the house. Even if you have spent a lot of money on upgrades, it is best to avoid this topic.

Selling a home means you should make the home desirable for buyers by providing them with a clean and clear space that they can picture themselves in. Once you’ve done your part, you should avoid addressing any questions from buyers and instead leave this up to the realtor.

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